Infamous like effect, very simple solution :)

Hi There!

Im Amph, gameplay/ai/networking programmer from a small indie team.
Currently we developing a new survival game, but sometimes i get bored from programming and decided to create something else…

Everyone know Infamous and love the extreme visual effects was used in the game :slight_smile:

I recreated a simple version of this, used only ue4 assets.
Its quite simple i know and need more work, but maybe usefull for you.

I posted a gif on fb and everyone want to know the solution, so i decided to post this little project for the community…
Maybe someone can expand and create better visual, dissolve material or something to better look.

Enjoy… Btw this was my first post :smiley:

Project (4.13.1) : - Google Drive

Demo Video: Infamous like effect in UE4 - YouTube

Mirrors thx to @Neodinznak , @Scardio

That’s awesome, thanks for sharing :smiley:

Very nice! Thank you for sharing!


Excellent work!

looks great

Looking forward to download this :slight_smile:

wow this is great, thanks!!


Link seems unavaliable?
Looks super cool tho!

wow… link is really down… :S

Unfortunatly i dont have the project file :frowning: (my hdd broken and i can get back my files)

Someone who downloaded has this project maybe and can reupload?


Thank you Neo! ^ -^

looks amazing, cant wait to try it once i get home…

Looks awesome. Going to take a look at it when I find the time.