Indy Studio - Multiplayer Flying Game

I am starting a Indy game studio and am looking for co-founders and teammates who as just as passionate about games as I am. I have been a software developer for 15 years, and have been a hobby game developer for a similar amount of time. I started getting into Unreal about 3 years ago, mostly just mucking around and playing with the different features and a little bit of VR. I have a full time job that pays pretty well so I have some funding for assets if needed to speed up game development and have purchased assets that we will have access to.

The studio is in the early stages and I will create a website once the marketing material is finalized.

My skill set: **Development **/ **Blueprints **/ **WebDev **/ AI / LevelDesign / 3D Modelling / Marketing

Currently I am working on a multiplayer airplane and helicopter game. I am kind of lost and the project is pretty ambitions. I have some basic ideas and some mechanics created but am looking for a couple people to come on board with me and help me refine what I have done so far and come up with a well documented game-play outline.

My idea so far is that there will be two teams of maybe 8-32 players and each of them will be able to pick a class of aircraft. They will be able to customize their plane a little bit and add weapon upgrades. The maps will be pretty large using level streaming and will be detailed with foliage using impostors. The maps will contain a number of bases which the teams will be fighting over to capture. Ground AI units will be utilized for defending these bases.

If you are interested contact me through:
Discord: bok!#9971

Here is a short video of the mechanics so far.

Here is the current Trello Board: