"industrialRoom" - Furious Elegance Challenge

Title: Industrial Room

Video URL: industrialRoom - UE5 on Vimeo

Student Submission: No

Credits to sourced content:

Industrial Set - Modular Pipes
by Feivelyn

Rusted Industrial Water Tank
by Arghanion’s PuzzleBox

Half Life 2 inspired laundry machine
by Kidney_02

Half Life 2 inspired laundry machine 3
by Kidney_02

Baba Yaga | Dark Ambient Horror Soundscape

Screenshot of project in-editor:


  • what started as a personal project ended up being my entry for the latest Unreal Engine Challenge “Furious Elegance”. I’ve been looking to create a small environment for a while and finally decided to do it. Started as a small project and ended up being a huge one even though it doesn’t seem like it. I had the opportunity to develop custom shaders for the cables and the curtains all around the space which is awesome. For the environment modeling and layout I worked inside 3ds max and exported everything into the engine. For the curtain simulations I used marvelous designer since it still gives me the best quality results. Used a couple of megascans and sketchfab assets which are listed below. For the character cloth simulation I downloaded a walking animation from mixamo and used that one to simulate the cloth on top.

  • Engine version: 5.1


Love it

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thank you! <3

Really cool! Love the atmosphere - has an epic feel to it

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Incredible, I’ve been messing with alembic cloth sims from C4D for a while in UE but run into a lot of texturing issues + big sim files for higher detail. Do you do alembics out of Marvelous to achieve this quality? Maybe C4D sims are just wrong type of alembic compression or something? A better cloth workflow is something I’d love to master. Absolutely beautiful stuff.

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Hi there @mistercardenas,

Hope you’re well and having a great week so far!

Truly the most hauntingly beautiful project I’ve seen yet. It’s managed to be both stunning and eerie in the most thoughtful way. Especially with the addition of the ominous music. I only wish there was a short film to go along with it!
The choice for the video to be done during the daytime was a great one. It allowed for the scene to appear warm and delicate while still showing off a few of the finer details of the environment. Yet still capture the horror feeling.

Thanks for sharing and good luck in the challenge! :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Thank you! Yeah, my alembics go straight from marvelous into Unreal. Whenever I increase my cloth resolution I end up with big files too. So far haven’t had the need to optimize them in any way since they are intended for offline rendering, only downside is running the animation in the editor.

Never tried exporting Sims from c4d into Unreal so I really can’t provide much help with that

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Thanks for the kind words! I’m really glad you liked the project so much.

I got so captured by it while working on it, even if I don’t win it was a great experience

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Good stuff, Marvelous will probably be my next foray to get that quality thanks!

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This has convinced me to give Marvelous a try! Absolutely awesome results here. The lighting is really well done also!

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Thank you! I appreciate your kind words
And yes, definitely marvelous gives the best results so far, only downside is the size of the files you need to work with, it gets really wonky working in the editor, but other than that you get really nice quality out of it

if there is anything I can help you with, please reach out :slight_smile:

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definitely go for it! Marvelous is a great sofware for this type of stuff, probably not the best UI, I consider it to be zero 3d artist friendly, but once you get the hang of it it’s amazing

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I sincerely believed you were going to win.

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I appreciate it! Sadly, no! Let’s see how it goes in the next one!! <3

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Now you got me all excited for the next one! Can’t wait!