Industrial Pipes

Hey, these modular pipes are a little project I did to familiarize myself with 3D Modeling / Texturing & UE4
hope you like it :slight_smile:

Included is a simple construction Blueprint for specifying the size and changing the color

Gallery: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

any feedback is welcome

Download (4.10): MEGA
Download (4.9.2): MEGA
(click on “Download through your browser”)

That looks awesome. I’ll be trying this later :slight_smile:

thanks :):slight_smile:

Nice work, they look great.

I’d get it and give it a try, but I never use those download sites that require you to use their software to download…

on desktop pc i can download it through browser, it does give an option if you don’t want to install the software. :slight_smile:

cool pipes.
maybe you could expand them with forks and bends to make them more complex ??

Nice work! Is there any chance of a port to Engine version 4.9? Would love to use this in my university assignments, with credit of course.

Thanks, added a download for 4.9.2