Industrial Modular SciFi Pack

Create complex interiors with this set of high quality, fully customisable sci-fi meshes which snap together to create an unlimited number of combinations.


  • Blueprints for procedural wall generation with adjustable variables
  • Blueprints for floors, pillars, ceilings, lights and doors to speed up level design
  • Material instances and parameter collections for control over the appearance and style
  • Sounds, particles and decals
  • Physical materials react to the environment (when shot - pipes will leak steam/glass will crack)
  • Highly detailed architectural meshes made up of pipes, panels, wires, vents with hand sculpted normals
  • High quality lightmaps manually created for all meshes to support baked lighting
  • PBR materials for all meshes
  • Modular design for snapping meshes together on **25cm **grid