Industrial machinery simulation - possible?

Hi guys,

I was thinking to use UE4 for some machinery simulation using some of the features that UE4 have.

Example: I have a piece of fabric and there is a tool which cut a shape, then the waste get sucked into a tube. It is possible to create an attraction force ( physically based maybe? ) to simulate that behaviour? it’ll be on a loop anyway

Then this piece of fabric goes into a path, basically following a non-linear path going thru some rolls that do different operations ( add graphic on it, apply and extra layer on top of the existing fabric, and so on… )

For the first part of the question I really need help, while for the second part I was thinking to use the spline tool which I never used…maybe to change the path in realtime?

Any suggestions will be really appreciated :slight_smile:



Probably the best thing to do would be to try and animate it in another program, you can export animation like that without using bones, just make sure that it’s all linked to a common root object before you export to UE4 and in the Import options check the Import Rigid Animations box.

For anything that needs to actually be simulated, like cloth physics then you would need to figure out how to do that in the engine. At some point you would be able to do your cloth physics animation in your 3D program and export to UE4 using vertex animation, but it UE4 won’t support that for a while.

Thanks for the tips

Mmmhh…so using something like Apex cloth is not even an option for what I’ve described? I never used it inside UE but I saw some tutorials and look not so difficult to implement those into UE.

One major problem regarding doing everything inside my 3d app is that later on I have a unique mesh which could not be separated, so if I need to setup for example the machine speed to change it’ll be difficult…mmhh…I think I need to start testing everything out :slight_smile:

Hello Nicolas3D,
can you publish the Links for Apex-Tutorials, please?

Apex cloth tutorial

Search for Apex cloth tutorial, there are quite a lot of tutorials regarding this plugin :wink:

You could separate out whatever parts you want to be separate and then each one can play their own animation. If you need something that specifically has cloth simulation you can have that object separate and do a simulation on it. But for stuff like machinery it would be easier to animate in your 3D app.
You can also adjust the speed of animation playback in UE4 if you need to.

If I remember correctly there was a guy who wanted to do the SAME EXACT thing with UE3, it turned out really well actually. Ill see if I can find the thread for you.