Industrial Environment

Any community interest in this environment for marketplace? It’s modular, has lots of tanks (spherical, mixers, etc), pipes, platforms, structural bracing, exhaust towers, steam fx, flare-off fx, light fixtures, and decals. was originally built for UDK a couple years ago and i realize i need to clean it up quite a bit to bring it up to par with professional standards, but in the midst of migrating this content to UE4, i thought the community might be interested. I posted this in another dev forum a little while ago and there was moderate interest. I don’t know if there is already something like this in the works, but i haven’t come across this yet elsewhere.

There is always a need for junk well done as modeling something broken is hard to do.

As feed back it looks really good but that’s the problem in that a lot of material work would still need to be done to bring it to fit to finish to get top dollar.

Can I assume by cleaning it up means to make it look old and used? If so then yeah I can see me buying it.

It’s kinda funny you mention the desire for creating these assets in a state of disrepair for the marketplace. The other day I was having a discussion with a colleague about the general trend to experience dystopian worlds reminiscent of 1960’s architectural brutalism rather than clean environments.

I see your point in creating this environment as a modular rusted-out kit of parts. There might be some additional value in creating a blueprint with a constructor that sets a mesh based on a desired damage state ranging from brand new->neglect->catastrophic

Oh for sure. A component asset that can take on damage over time you could get top dollar for it. Maybe even twice the paperweight version of the same asset.

A good example is the Vehicle Pack Vol1. Awesome looking cars, fair price, but could get twice the price if mesh damage was also included and not just a damage decal.

As well

In my opinion each car could be sold as a standalone based on the added value features alone. (M4 good example)