Indoor mapping question

I am having a hell of a time trying to find the best way to do interior mapping. The game I am working in calls for mostly indoor levels.

I have tried modeling with my modeling program (room by room and even modular pieces which I am being told is a no no), I tried Hammuer, building out of ue4 brushes and converting to fbx. I can’t seem to figure out the best way to do it. With Hammuer I get lighting and culling issues. With modeling in my program of choice I get bad lightmaps and I’m not sure if each room should be textured in one very large texture map or use several materials across different models. When converting geometry to static mesh I get the best results. But I still get lousy lightmaps and bleeding lights through corners.

So what’s the best way? I’m used to BSP based engines so it’s a pretty big change. My biggest problem seems to be lighting problems. I watched World of Level Design’s video on making the corridor scene. I had something very close built but I still get light seams where the models connect. Can somebody please point me in the right direction?

And no, changing the lightmaps values in the world setting isn’t helping

The problem is this, this is a game engine that was made by professionals for other professionals in the industry and the engine is designed for game optimisation (not editor) and that’s where the problem is. If we are not trained professionals ourselves with years of experience, and just only home community users, then its not going to be easy to try to fix up all these issues we run into with trying to construct things up in the engine. I can’t even get half of the basics right with the blueprint foundation coding at the moment only because I don’t have all the necessary professional knowledge of this engine to get all the basics right, so I cannot construct my game until all the basics in the foundation are fixed first. Once the basics are working then i can start to assemble the 3d worlds on top of it. Otherwise I can’t construct the worlds. So all I’m trying to do is get some answers from these forums on my issues so i can fix up the little things going astray.

After building the levels out, if you merge meshes in UE4 / 3D app, what’s the result then?
This is a common problem, so there’s many threads about it. Did you read what others did?

I did. Finally last night I found out about the UV grid for lightmaps and how you should divide the lightmap size by 1 and use that as the snapping grid for better shadows. I’m going to give that a try and see if it works. It seems like there isn’t a definitive answer for light seam issues. Mostly just tweaks to make them less noticable

Don’t blame the engine. I’m just some rando in my apartment and I’m using the engine and C++ just fine. Have you looked through Epic’s tutorials or the new Unreal Academy?

Back on topic, I saved this a while back. Don’t know how far you can get with it, but I’ve had some success so far.