Indirect lighting shadow on movable blueprint [Lighting] [UE4-27]

Hello everyone.

I’m a beginner at unreal engine 4, i followed a few tutorials about lighting and the affect with mobility.

But i’m stuck at a problem since 3 weeks.
I’m trying to set an indirect light shadow to a movable blueprint (the lamp in the StarterContent).

I created a basic level for testing (See 1) in screenshot below)

There is a room with the Blueprint Ceiling Light.
There is no other light source.
I applied a Post Process Volume to have the min/max brightness at 1 so there is no eye adaptation.

By default, the blueprint is movable and the indirect lighting shadow is fully dark :

(See 2) in screenshot below)

I tried to change the blueprint mobility to stationnary (The PointLight and the SM_Lamp_Ceiling) but now i have this result :

(See 3) in screenshot below)

I would like to accomplish an indirect light to see the roof in the shadow, not totally dark like in this example :

(See 4) in screenshot below)

So i’m asking :

  • Is it possible to have an indirect light on a movable blueprint ?
  • If not, how can i have the effect on my last image of a indirect light like in the “preview” image ?

I dont understand because the preview seems well and when i build light, i have that little shadow circle on the roof (for the example with the stationnary light)

Any Ideas ? Thank you



UP, anyone have an idea ?

UP, i watched a lot of lighting tutorial but doesn’t found one who explain the indirect lighting of a blueprint light. Please help, i’m trying hard every day and nothing works.

I desesperate, any idea ?

Thank you