Indie] [Video Game] Extraction Valley Trifuel Alliance Video Game Development

Hi I’m from RAM Studios, which is an indie game developer team and I’m here to showcase latest updates from our ongoing project Extraction Valley Trifuel Alliance, which is already on Steam. But we are continuously improving the game.

Team: RAM Studios

We are an indie developer team consists of 5 members and few volunteers joined to support for the concept. We have a main programmer, AI programmer, level designer, 3D and UI Artist, and Narrative Writer. And recently two joined for concept arts and 3d art

Game Summary

Extraction Valley Trifuel Alliance is a 4V4 character base 3rd person shooter game. One team trying to protect a harvester while the other team tries to destroy it. Each Agent has a unique set of abilities that players can use. We have fully developed all the programming including player controller. We have used Paragon Characters in the game since we have lack of 3D artists and Epic Games released Paragon characters for free. In addition to that we have done level designing our own using marketplace assets as well as our own assets.

Story Summary

**Extraction Valley Trifuel Alliance **is the 2nd chapter of the Extraction Valley which takes place after the 1st Trifuel war. In the 1st war, Insurgents lost so many people. Since DWB used Advanced Robotics they kept pushing the SOA army back to their mainland. After countless losses, SOA wanted to expand its Trifuel mining operations so they ally with other factions. They call it Trifuel Alliance. Agents from all over the world were assigned to the extraction site to protect the harvester from any threat. DWB counter-attacked by cloning these agents and their abilities. DWB used them against the original agents who were assigned to protect the harvester and then the 2nd Trifuel war began.


Unlike our Previous game, Trifuel Alliance is not a Team Death-match game. Instead, we focus our game to be more tactical and your death has consequences if you downed, your team can revive you. but if they fall, you are dead. you have to wait until the next round starts to play. Extraction Valley Trifuel Alliance is a 4v4 PvP character base 3rd person shooter game where one team tries to defend the Trifuel Harvester while other team tries to destroy it. Players can choose an Agent to play before entering the match. Each Agent has a set of abilities that players can use. Each Agent has a role to play. There are 4 Agents to choose from. Wait for new agents in upcoming seasons.

RAM Studios Extraction Valley Trifuel Alliance

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