Indie team seeking a multiple positions for first-person horror title
MULTIPLE POSITIONS WANTED [Rev-Share]: Cold Pizza is seeking multiple positions for a first-person horror title.

“A middle-aged Historian and his wife move to an isolated Summer Home to recover from a past grief, but when
his wife goes missing, the Historian finds himself fighting for his life and his sanity as he is assailed by a mysterious
figure in the woods”

**The Project: **First person narrative driven walking simulator built in UE4. The gameplay is simple (in the vein of Layers of Fear
or P.T., mechanically speaking). The player travels through the game, getting to know the game’s interesting story and world while
something might lurk behind the corner.

We work towards making the game have quality rather than quantity. This means that the game is fairly short considering the
standards of a modern game but which also gives us more time focusing on making an immersive world with attachable characters.
The aim is to have a “movie like” experience, that grabs the player and leaves a him/her thinking and discussing the meaning and
theories of what really happened.

Our team is looking to fill the following positions for the pre-production and/or production phases: CO-Designer,
Environment Concept Artist, Character Animator, Programmer/Blueprinter and 3D Artist (specifics for each position below).

The game is relatively small in scope – large enough to be significant in a portfolio, small enough to be viable with a team working
part time at a steady, structured pace. To be clear, no one on the team is being paid either salary or lump sum, though any revenue
generated will be shared. That said, the projected has been specifically designed to be carried out with a small number of hours
invested each week over a long period of time, as we cannot expect anyone to spend considerable time on a project that doesn’t
involve pre-defined pay. Correspondingly, this is largely designed as a portfolio piece for those who are serious about the industry
but don’t yet have the work experience for more highly compensating and competitive positions. All positions are flexible and there
are no strict deadlines thus making self motivation the primary focus for each member.

You can view the concept art in here:

**Open Positions: **


  • Good technical and artistic eye to create levels that are both beautiful and great in it’s gameplay
  • Experienced in lighting and texturing in UE4
  • Good understanding in blueprints
  • Good understanding of scope and scale
  • Great problem solving skills
  • Inspired about first person games
  • Good concept and documentation skills to get the point across for the whole team

Good to have

  • Ability to produce 3D assets and textures if needed
  • Experience in World Machine
  • Programming experience
  • Ability to concept on Photoshop if needed
  • Horror being close to your heart

Character Animator

  • A good understanding of character rigging for 3D games
  • Great understanding in key frames
  • The ability to produce realistic character movement and lipsync animation
  • Familiarity with Matinee in Unreal Engine 4 or, at least, the willingness to learn how to use it

Good to have

  • Familiarity with Matinee or, at least, the willingness to learn how to use it
  • Ability to produce 3D assets and textures if needed
  • Horror being close to your heart
  • Character modeling experience


  • Able to create basic A.I
  • Good understanding in blueprints
  • Ability for at least 3 month involvement
  • Good knowledge in UE4 interface

Good to have

  • Previous experience with game development projects
  • Enthusiastic attitude towards programming in general

**Environment Concept Artist **

  • Confidence in producing scenery work of many to all kinds
  • Experience with speculative fiction, preferably horror
  • An openness to cooperation with other concept artists

Good to have

  • Experience in traditional art or photography
  • 3D experience
  • Experience with speculative fiction, preferably horror

3D Artist

  • Great understanding on high and lowpoly procedures
  • Ability to create props as well as foliage
  • Ability to unwrap and create textures for the models

Good to have

  • Character modeling experience
  • License to use 3DS Max or Maya/Maya LT or similar
  • Level design knowledge

The ideal candidate (all positions):

-Is looking to build her/his portfolio
-Has experience working on a team
-Has experience delivering to deadlines.
-Is fluent in English (the product is in English, as is our communication)
-Experience working with a creative director is preferred, but not required.

For more information, PM me or comment below.

If you’d like to apply or send and open application, please email a brief introduction and a link to your website/portfolio to [EMAIL=“”]

I was wondering if you guys had the position of music composer filled already or not? I’m not a great sound designer but wasn’t sure if you were lumping those two together in this post or not.

Hey Logan,

We are actually open still since we only have a couple “maybe’s”. Do sent your work to my email and I’ll happily see if we can work together!


Bumping post because of the added material :slight_smile:

Updated project info

Hi! I would like to fill the programmer role. I have a game I have completed as part of a university project I could send. That is, if the project is still open. Also, I am semi-experienced in C++, I come from an C# background.

warm regards

Sorry for taking so long to respond!

We got a programmer already onboard, but if you’d like, you can send your works to our mail at and we’ll be in touch! :slight_smile:

Post updated with new positions.

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