Indie Team looking for Programmer[s] and Animator[s]

About the Company
We are Nifty Llama Games](Nifty Llama Games - Home | Facebook), an upcoming company, currently working on our debut Game called The Long Way Home.
Our team consists of 2 Artists, 4 Voice Actors and a Community Manager.
We are working on the project in our freetime, therefore deadlines are quite loose.
Communication is managed via Discord, as all of us are scattered on different continents.

About the Game
The Long Way Home is a heartfelt story about Frank, an elderly man who suffers from amnesia.
The player experiences the world through the eyes of Frank, as he rediscovers his identity and his haunting past.
The game focuses heavily on Characters and Story as well as creating a relaxing and rich atmosphere.
If you enjoy games like Firewatch, Life is Strange and Gone Home then this is something for you.

WIP Screenshot of the Characters

Currently, the game is being developed on a 0$ budget, meaning that we can´t pay our team in advance for their work.
Revenue made off the game will be fairly split when the game sells.
Our goal is to release the game for PC in 2018.

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4
3d Program: Blender

If you like where this game is going, then please don´t hesitate to apply for one of our positions.
Open Positions

  • UE4 Blueprint or C++ Programmer
  • Character Animator (preferably in Blender)
  • Music Composer/Sound Designer

If you´d like to help us with another aspect of the game (Art, Production, Marketing, etc.) then feel free to contact us as well.
We are more than happy to hear from you!

For more information, you can contact us through one of these links:

Hi, Im interested, send you a PM