Indie Team looking for a 3D Modeler

Hi all, I’m an indie game programmer/designer starting back up a remote based studio.

The team:
Myself (Programming/Lead) > US
2D Artist/Animator > UK
Audio Engineer > AU

We got together 4 years ago to create a work of art that would feel fresh, submerge (pun :D) the player into the character they controlled, and be aesthetically captivating. Here’s the hastily put together website for the game after 3 months of development - Unfortunately the team had to disband due to military service and we’ve scrapped the project entirely.
I’m getting out soon and looking to start it back up with a new concept. We’re looking for a driven, creative 3D modeler that loves game development for more than financial reasons. We’re a small team, so our rev-share method of reimbursement will be very rewarding on the back end.

Like I said, we’re a very hardworking group of game enthusiasts and every member of the team will have huge influence over the direction of the game. Our next game will carry on the tradition of striving to create fresh, innovative gameplay, and a deep intertwined narrative. We’ll be targeting VR systems (while still supporting traditional platforms) with a horror narrative involving the use of psychedelics. Think P.T. combined with Among The Sleep, Until Dawn and elements of The Stanley Parable. But spooooky stuff happens in the middle of nowhere and it’s up to Courage to…

If you’re interested in learning more or joining the team let me know!

Would you have a skype?

Is it possible to view some of the work you have done?