Indie RPG Hybrid game looking for Character Artist and General 3-D Artist

Project Title:
Seafarer(Working Title)

General concept of the game is to take numerous background features usually found in RPGs and make them the focus of the game with the RPG just being the avenue to feed these features. For example: Fable 3 property management system and mini games as jobs/money producers. This feature at least to myself and many others I know became a primary goal. Flesh this feature out a bit more and expand it you may have an obsession. A good example of this working would be a game like Stardew Valley. Very simple concept with minimalist features and vague end game insight just drives people insane. That promise of getting more an controlling more while retaining a game that rewards the player for exploring or embarking on quests.

Primary Points:

  • Ocean based(already complete, allows for large level design and repeatable features)
  • Faction standing with fictitious settlements, vagrants, vagabonds(themed roughly 17th-18th century Caribbean)
  • Third Person with the option for first, dependent on animator.
  • Ocean and land combat, upgrade-able and customize-able ships and player owned property.
  • Very simplistic style, not polygonal, more like an updated Windwaker.

Team Structure**:**
William Murphy(Project Creator)
Project Management, Programming - 6 years (4 in UE4).

Talent Required:
3D Artist (1)

  • Reworking current assets. (around 600)
  • Designing assets that fit thematically.
  • zBrush highly sought after but not a must. (hPolish and TrimDynamic, stylized cracks key in visual style)

Initial work won’t be reworking assets but making filler assets that share a UV space for eventual merging. Environmental pieces to develop islands such as rocks and cave systems.
Polygon Pirates pack from Synty Studios is being used as a base blockout for quick level design so work isn’t as sequential.

3D Character Artist (1)

  • Character rigging and animations
  • Clothing and other equipable items.
  • Ability to create character models along the lines of an update Windwaker

Both preferably in Pacific Time Zone or not to far off for purposes of perforce and communication.

PM me here on the UE4 forums or
Discord : Discord join the newly made discord. (You should only see my stupid discord name so disregard the reference to an old childhood show)

This game has a lot of potensial, the dicord link seems to be invalid but i would like to get a update on it. thanks

Hello there. Yes the discord is dead, the project isn’t though. It was shelved, by myself only, due to lack of attention. I did post it when just about every single offering was about another battle royale game so I didn’t really expect much interest to begin with. The idea behind it is more of a passion project bringing in elements from older RPGs(Windwaker, Fable series) and innovating on the ideas a little bit(“Survival” aspects, Bethesda/CDProjektRed style freedom). Unfortunately it was a little to big for myself to undertake alone just because I had other solo projects that were far more manageable and then work/contract work on top of that meant I was better off bringing a team together. Absolutely feel free to send me PM through the forums if you want to pick my brain and see the direction this could take and if some common ground is found I can update the OP and add on the other roles I was expecting.