Indie Rogue-Like/Sim(Don't Starve, Stardew Valley) project looking for 2-D Artist!

Hello all! I’m currently looking for a 2D artist capable of a very Tim Burton like style. Closest reference in gaming I can think of would be similar to Don’t Starve but a little more refined, less sketch like.

Little about myself, plenty of years of C++ and C# experience, been using UE4 since 4.0 and UDK very little before that, close to a decade of 3D art experience.

The game would play like a Stardew Valley with less emphasis on character interaction and more emphasis on character actions. Less relationship building, more moral choices and branching paths. It would follow the similar arch of helping your community or abandoning it entirely, only without it being the primary drive.

The rogue-like features would be more fleshed out, with a higher emphasis on exploration and combat driven rewards like crafting weapons, clothing, possessions, which would all be along the same stylistic environment, i.e Rather than ‘sword’ it could be a ‘tattered umbrella’, or rather than ‘headgear’ it could be a ‘pristine top hat’. Owning property for the player to customize and potentially owning property to rent out(Fable 2 & 3 like), or owning a farm because sometimes the simplest most repetitive features hit just the right spot.

Camera style would be similar to Don’t Starve with some locations being purely layered with the player in the foreground, i.e A marketplace with an entrance/exit on either side with structures and inhabitants in-between.

Key Features:

  • Multiple towns and locations
  • Procedural environments and dungeons primarily for combat
  • Static world for exploration and travel
  • Jobs, akin to blacksmith mini games all the way up to farming… yes farming…
  • Quests ranging from kill quests to fetch quests
  • Other stupid features devs do when they’re bored like getting drunk or one time events purely for comedy

If you feel this may interest you or if you have something to offer skill wise feel free to head to the lonely Discord or send a message through the forums, email, messenger pigeon.
All are welcome, not entirely locked to two people, devs to artists of all kind are welcome!