indie one man dev marketting, streamlined pathway

I plan to release a game by october… it’ll be a sort of, personal portofolios that’d hope to carry me into selling more games.
However, i just did my homework on game marketting and it’s tremendously a headache to get people to know your game.

The most, oldest form of marketting involves in asking game journalist to write and review your games…
which i still find as the simplest and the most direct…

however, i’m trained an animator, an artist and illustrator.

My artwork, i’d say, not very mainstream, and contain an amountful of anime
to be recognizable and relatable, improvable. come check here and let me know
the way i see it there’s a few way to go on this:

  1. i first market myself as an artist, in which i will pursue fan art, contest and such and such to beef up popularity first.
    downside is that, the market that enjoy my art, may not like the games i make.
  2. i go and make small tiny game, going into game development or software development line, like Fromsoftware’searly days, King’s field series and armored core were not particularly mainstream, and i like making and playing those kind of games.
    downside is that, i’m not a software developer… i know c++ and C#, but it’s rather crude. And i don’t know how to convince people to let me make office software for them…
  3. the undertale way, this one see as a very befitting… being a one man developer seems fun and challenging, providing all the assets and musics.
    I could go on and maybe release short animations, enganging in my original craft and make my youtube channel approved…
    but problem is that there’s probably too much to learn, even with unreal engine. i know 3d and stuff, but undertale itself has a following
    since homestuck and i don’t know how to generate that kind of market or find any homestuck-like fandom to join in…
    it also has kickstarter as backing fun…something i can’t access from my country…
  4. the supermeatboy thing… making small games with unreal, joining competitions. but here in my country, there’s so little support for
    game industry growth so i’m not very sure how… i only know about unreal devgrant.
    and making small tiny games, rather than one finished product always made it feel like all the games i made into the crowd becoming so trivial.
    I personally enjoy making something more meaningful and storytelling like undertale… a very specialized experience.

The way i prefer, i see it it’s a combination of 3 and 4 to me… making tiny portofolio games and animations,
and then occasionally making special ones inbetween, containing aspects from my previous creations…

what do you think?