Indie Game Dev Discord!

Hello everybody!
I have created a discord for all of you game designers, level designers, 3D modelers, artists, animators and more to come and join! It is a big discord where you can meet new people and create games together! I will also host little indie jams within the discord for fun just like a normal one. I will put people into groups and you have 48 hours to create a game sounds fun right? Although there will not be any prizes at first but hey if you create an amazing game your group may be able to make money off it on steam who knows. You can use any engine but it is primarily UE4 thats why im posting it here. If you are interested don’t be afraid to join and get your gaming career kickstarted!! Click this to join when you join tell me what you do like if you are a modeler, level designer whatever so i can give you the proper role.
Thanks and lets get to making games!!!