Indie Dev- Tighter Squeeze for consoles now

Unless, you’re aiming at a kid game or something with lower specs I’m so used to like Metal Gear Solid and like Final Fantasy that push everything to it’s limits, it’s going to be a touch time for indies well at least on PS5. Unless you’re a super pro at art and visual the scene. You’re going to need a decent set-up for these massive worlds. Last-Gen felt like a buffer gen after PS3 this one is like the .1 PS6 I believe will be blast off again like PS3. To me this round is like you need an professional Graphics card,CPU,Memory.

The new hardware capabilities make some things easier though, for example with UE5 it has fully dynamic lighting which means you no longer have to spend time unwrapping lightmap UV’s or waiting for lighting to build

Honestly, UV’s wasn’t really a bad thing the technical part about it which was hard to discover was annoying(light leaks), I eventually learned it. I’m still going to try both techniques if I’m able to squeeze extra quality depending on how the architecture works then I’m going for that or do it regardless because in the long run I’m sure it’ll be of some use some how some way. So I’ll still go for the all the lighting techniques.