Indexing Each Player with a Number

Hello. I am trying to create a for each event ran on the server for all of the connected players in a session to be assigned an individual number in the PlayerInfo Structure. For example, Player 1 would be assigned 1, player 2 would be assigned 2, etc. Can someone please send me an example of this loop? Thank you.

Does something like this help you?


Player Array should be a list of connected clients, not sure what your Playerinfo Struct looks like but you should be able to use this loop to get the number of connected players through this.…ode/index.html…ate/index.html

So something like this? I don’t think it’s working. I’m trying to index each player by assigning them a value in order to make it easier in to call certain players.

Is this local multiplayer or online?

Online multiplayer through steam. If I can have an event run on server that indexs each player and adds it to their playerinfo struct, I can call from that struct (eg. spawn all players with indexes 1-4 somewhere and 5-8 somewhere else.)

I am a noob and this is how I give players numbers :d

1, On the gamemode:

2. On the player character BP