Independent material blueprint???

Hello all,

I am in the middle of creating a couple of dynamic shaders and had previously set up my blueprint using a mesh as a component, which is all good and well except I don’t want to have to create lots and lots of blueprints for each mesh using the dynamic material.

I came across the custom material instance actor blueprint and was wondering what it was and if it was what I was looking for??

If not is there a way to create a blueprint using a material or material instance as the component rather than having to create lots of different static mesh blueprints for the same material effect?

You may want to look into material collections, which are game wide material variables. So change it once and all materials everywhere will follow suit, without having been instanced at all.

Otherwise another idea could be to do a material instance management blueprint. An array of staticmesh actors that can be added to the blueprint that all get the instance set on them. Thus the blueprint itself holds no meshes, it just holds an array that points to meshes in the level that must have something done to them.

I will soon release a second video on Solus where you can briefly see this in action (I use it to mass modify all sound actors in the level rather than materials, but same thing).

Ahh Hourences, that’s a good call on the array. I will take a look into doing this and keep you posted :slight_smile:

So am I right in thinking that there is no way to hold a material inside a blueprint by dragging and dropping for example?