Independent Level Streaming

I wanted to stream some levels. And I noticed that you can only stream Levels which are in the Persistent Level’s Sublevel List.

This is a huge flaw.

My scenario:

I want to create a 16-bit Era-esque Action ARPG with several maps that - as a whole - make up a Level.
The problem here is that I also want to use Lighting Scenarios and it should be played in Multiplayer.

There is this node “Load Level Instance”, but it does not work with streaming, i.e. The Sublevels of the loaded instance are not available with Load Stream Level.

Here is my Request:

Allow to Stream ANY Level into the Persistent Level, regardless of the hierarchy.

You’re looking for LoadLevelInstance (See LevelStreamingKismet.h).

wow, did you even read?

Apologies, you’re right, it was late and I was tired so I missed that part. In any case, technically speaking, you can just make your own version of LoadLevelInsteance (the code is right there in LevelStreaming.cpp, you can just copy it over verbatim) and modify it so that it fetches sublevels out of a loaded level and adds those to the level streaming array as well. Depending on how much you want to automate it you might be able to just create a function and pass in an array of levels which loads those one-by-one at the same transform?