Independent Arm Animation

Hi all, I’m trying to build a prototype for my comedy/horror game and I’m new to unreal/game dev. I’m having a hard time finding out how to set up the Anim Blueprint so I can have the left arm and right arm animate independently. I’ve read up a lot about montages and blend per bone, but I’m not really getting it all to work together.
I have each action on different inputs (Left hand grab, left hand throw, right hand grab, right hand throw).
This might be a really complex question, not sure if I explained it well. Any help you can offer is really appreciated.
Thanks for your time!

You need to play with montages slots and blends.

The theory is you create different slots, and then you get the animations to blend the slot over the base animation pose.

It’s quite useful for hand to hand combat stuff. Where gameplay drives movement.
(Shield use, weapon swing, etc,).