Incursion - UE4 level

Hi everyone, I wanted to post here our work for the level Incursion that we worked on for the last couple of months :slight_smile: We were a team of 7 students working on project to recreate a whitebox level from UDK in Unreal Engine 4. You can read more about our progress here: Incursion - UT level - Architecture - Epic Developer Community Forums

And this is the trailer and hope you like it:

Design: William Praat
Artists: Anton Dessov, Anthea van Leeuwen, Ben de Hullu, Danny Flu, Jeroen Gorrisen, Sander Flisijn, HoaNam Nguyen

Great work! :slight_smile:

Looks really great! Are you guys making a game, or are you just playing around for the moment?

It was a course to create a level, but there’s not gameplay. But next year we’re starting on an official game for a whole year, so this is sort of like “here’s the art quality we can achieve” :smiley:

looks nice, make it playable!

Super! Great architecture especially. Really enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing. :cheers:

This looks amazing! I like the art style and music used in the video. Kind of made me day dream while watching it…and now I would like to have that on my PC (as packaged project) with Oculus Rift Support :stuck_out_tongue:


Watched it 3 times in a row by now…****.

The only slight negative comment I would say about it, is actually the fire sound used in the end. Sounds more like a campfire than an actual fire, which would fit the scenery. Otherwise…outstanding. The song is really catchy and kind of has an EVE Online vibe to it, in my opinion.

PS: The smartphone “moving” is a nice small detail. Wouldn’t happen in a lot AAA games.

Really impressive ! Thanks for sharing ! Hope we will see more later :wink:

Wow, I hope to get to that level of skill. Great job.

I hope you guys can make something create :smiley:

Solid piece of work. Very pleasing to the eye.

Amazing! =D

Thank you for all the comments and I would also like to thank Epic for their support by showing us in their podcast and front page. I’m happy to inform everyone that starting September, we will have a big team alongside programmers and designers working on a game for a whole year, so I will start showing stuff as soon as we have progress :slight_smile:

it is very awesome, maaan.
how did you render video like that?
I meant, it is like very high AA.
Could you share us your trick?
Or maybe your spec, GPUs, anything dude.