Incrementing Thrust/Throttle

I’m trying to have a flying pawn increment it’s velocity based on button inputs. I’ve thought up a way to do it with individual keys (haven’t had a chance to test it yet) that is basically just changing the scale of the input. What I’m trying to figure out now is how to “lock” the desired velocity of the pawn. That is, if the player presses the W key a few times, the velocity will increase for each press from 0% to 10% to 20% and so on. I have this input setup from a 6DOF tutorial which works fine for a press and hold system.

The problem I’m seeing is trying to increment the axis value will continue for every tick, making the pawn move at ridiculously fast speeds. I’ve also tried using a bool and a couple float variables to do checks to see if the button has been pressed, but it either doesn’t move at all or instantly goes as fast as the engine will allow.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Uncheck the “Add To Current” bool and separate your input so you can set the velocity on Tick.

Thanks! This works just about how I want it (adjusted numbers on the multiplier to allow for reverse).