Incrementing a Text Integer over time for displaying a Score.

I have a widget that counts the Player’s score at the end of a mission.


Score A = 10
Score B = 10
Score C = 10

Total Score = 30

I want to total these score over time, so that the Total Score begins at 0 and counts up to 30, over a duration that I provide. However, since I’m unable to use timelines in Widgets, I’m finding it trickier than expected.

Does anyone have any suggestions for achieving this?

so you basically want your achieved score to count up until it reaches the achieved score?
(Similar how Rupees in Zelda go up when you collect more than 1?)

To do so , you probably want to use tick.
use a boolean “isCounting”.
Branch with it in Tick and on True, simply add your Score Integer by one.
After adding, check if yourScore == achieved Score.
If it is, set isCounting to false.

Thanks for your reply. Yeah I tried something like this, but it doesn’t let me have control over the rate of increase. We want to try using ease out, or having really large numbers.

You can use a timeline - if you can’t use one in your widget bp you can use it one in a bp that references that bp like your player controller. Or you can have your widget get a reference to the scores that exist as variables in your player controller bp for example and run your timeline there.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve ended up doing. Seems to be the best option. Cheers.