Increment Integers

Hi there,

I’m having difficulty making a variable go past 1 when a person is rescued. At the moment, the player is able to collide with the person who is being rescued, which add’s one to the rescue counter and then destroys the actor. if I place another actor (or duplicate the current one) the counter does not update and stays at 1.
I have attached blueprints below

The BP below is the BP within the sprite that will be rescued when the player overlaps the trigger box.

This BP shows how the value is printed to the screen and updated once the player rescues someone.

The variables have been set to integer. ‘RescueCount’ has been set to 0 which is located within the 2dcharacter, and addRescue has been added within the rescue players BP.

You need to actually get the current RescueCount and add the AddRescue to it, then set RescueCount to that added amount.

I have tried the above, but still getting the same results.
I have a RescueCount variable in the characters BP, but I cannot seem to call the variable within the sprite that’s getting rescued.

Interesting… Have you tried connecting a print string to see if the overlap is even happening? Is there a collider attached to the player BP with “Overlap” selected? Sorry, just trying to cover all of the bases here.