increment in time

Good morning all,

I created a system independent clock.

I would like to increase the value of a variable according to the time lapse of that clock, for example increase the x value by 1 every second.
I found explanations for incrementing, but nothing that relates to my problem i.e. incrementing one variable by following the value of another variable.
Do you have a solution ?

Thank you in advance for your replies

Good morning to you ^^
So, what I see is that every 0.1 seconds, you increment your “O temps” variable by 1, after a delay of 1 second. I’m just wondering why all these same variables ? ^^ Here is something I did for my flashlight, every 1 seconds, I decrement by 1 the battery :

Is it something like that that you would do ?
I see you have different variables (S and M), is it like “between 0 and 20 seconds, I’m in variable S, then I’m in variable M” ? It’s kinda confusing ^^

Hello Arkenophas,

Forget the clock for now, just focus on the increment between two variables.
What I would like is that variable A by increasing causes variable B with it.

If A (+1) then B (+1)

I have found the solution to my problem. It’s very simple, you just had to think about it and know where to place the Event.

Event perte d'energie.png

When the variable “O. Time S” returns to (1) then the variable “O. Energy” decreases by (1), this time that the clock is running.
In fact to be clear, my character loses 1 energy every minute, according to the passage of a time of its own.