Incredibuild and swarm lighting builds

So it looks like people are using Incredibuild with UE. Those of you that are, was it easy to set up? Any caveats?

And for people who know a bit about Incredibuild, what are the chances of it being able to run on a Linux VM in the cloud and still contribute to a Windows build?

Along those lines, if I set up some VMs, connect to them over VPN and get them to participate in UE lighting builds, is that something that sounds like it’d work? I’m on 200/200mbit fibre so presumably bandwidth wouldn’t be a huge problem, although it’d be nice if there was a swarm master of some sort so that I only have to upload the data once for each build. I haven’t done a swarm build before so I’m not familiar with how they’re configured.

With Incredibuild installed, hitting ‘Build’ in Visual Studio will automatically use Incredibuild, since the UBT will know that Incredibuild is available to use. Any machines available will then take on part of the compilation job. It’s that simple :slight_smile:

I have heard of people using Incredibuild in the cloud, but not sure on the specifics, sorry!

I have another question about some odd behaviour I’m getting.

I built a test plugin earlier that simply made a UI button print a line to the UE output log. It worked great!

Now I’ve changed it to echo out some info from an SDK, but even with a rebuild the editor the UI button continues to print out the same test line, not the information I’m after.

What gives? Are the results of the build being cached somewhere?

Update: solved this by deleting the plugin binaries. UBT wasn’t detecting plugin changes and VS wasn’t rebuilding the plugin.

And another question: I’ve encountered and resolved linker issues before and gotten my head around that, but when UBT runs it doesn’t seem to respect the VS project dependencies.

I’m including an SDK and some libraries in VS as external dependencies, but when UBT builds the plugin on editor load, it can’t find the dependencies. How should I solve this?

Edit: I’ve since figured out that this is an entirely different problem and wants its own thread.