Increasing the building height cap

Hey everyone,

Sorry if this has been asked before, I did a quick search but couldn’t find it. Is there a way to increase the building height limit from the developer kit. I checked the world config as well as a few other blueprints that I thought might contain that setting but was unable to find it, I was wondering if anyone found a way as a build on the server I help administer just hit it around 15 walls from being done height wise for their “tallest” section (tallest because it starts the deepest underwater, everything will be going to the same height in the end to make a big box).


Maximum Height Above World Ground value?

Yeah, building from the bottom of the ocean to a bit over the top of a cliff hit it

I mean i think that is the value that you need to find, basically you need to get a list of structure blueprint that you need to modify the max height, then find the structure bp (not the primalinventory_bp or primalItemstructure) but the actual blueprint that spawn after you place it down (you can find it by searching for “Structure to Build” value in primalitemstructure for each structure you need to modify)

Find the value Maximum Height Above World Ground (which is set at 14000) then set it to whatever you like
I think there will be a way to just edit a number in primaldata later on (maybe on 13th August) but for now, that 's the only way i can think of