Increasing illumination

I can’t find a solution. I’m making a space game and at some point i’m only using movable lights in a ambient with all physical simulated bodies. I have a main light that point the player, and the player has some ability to make a bit of light, but still i wish to add a tiny bit of light on everything. So far my only option would be to use emissive color on everything and control global illumination thru a BP. I have been trying to use a sky light, but i can’t make it to work etheir. Currently i’m about to add a phew lights opposed to the main on at a very low intensity, should work a bit but the result is sub optimal.

Any suggestion?

I don’t see why a sky light wouldn’t work

One reason I see Skylight wouldn’t work in space is if you use it with “Capture scene” option. If the sky sphere is pitch black, obviously it won’t provide any ambient light. Try making it dark, but not pitch black, and bumping skylight intensity.

Another trick you can use is - ambient cubemap in post processing volume. But instead of using a cubemap image, make a grey hdri texture. This will provide some flat ambient light to the scene. A bit of problem may be that there’s no separation between diffuse and specular contribution with this option, so it may give unnecessary shine.

If i specify the source as SLS Specified Cubemap and i select the same texture i use for the skybox then it works!

Can be related to the fact that the skybox is a instanced material created at construction time by a blueprint?

Nice HDR nebula texture cubemap would make space game look really cool. Just don’t over do it so you get nice contrast between lit and dark.