Increasing a Counter while holding down L and R MouseButton

Hello there,

We have a bp from a static mesh, we want to increase a counter when the user holds the l mouse button(and its hover it) and decrease that counter when R mouse Button.

You should be able to create this as you have described with Input key mouse 1 and mouse 2.

You rigth but i want it on especific actor(when the user click on it), i figured out how to left click but seems that right click doesnt work on a bp mesh

You can change the rate at which it increases by changing values where it compares TimePassed and where you increase the integer Counter.

Input Action Select can be setup in Edit → Project Settings → Input

Yes just create what you want in the project settings. Also, if you want to click on an actor instead of anywhere on the screen just add a branch use this.
Just choose an actor in Equal node

Cool, so i just have to change the inputaction select to the right and left mouse triggers, its seems just left works.

Cool!!! how can i make a diference between what actor i clicked, for example i want to perform the counter increase if a select X actor but if i click Y actor i want to do something else and dont increase the counter. Thanks this is the last and ill be done.

The easiest way would be to do a branch for each different actor. But then again, it depends on how different are they. Are they of different class/blueprint or are they different actors of the same blueprint? It varies. You just need to make some kind of logic for that. Hard to answer without having a lot of information.

im doing it as a blueprint actors, they are in fact bp created from mesh.And characters bp

based in objects

That still does not answer the question. Do you want to make different actions based in class or object?

Well then it depends on how you want to differentiate between them. I am sorry but like I said, it is very case specific. You need to do this on your own its rather simple when you know what you want to do.

Du i got this, i just added an instance of the staticmesh in the bp, and connect to the equal operator and that works for all the instance i make with this bp, sorry for the silly behaviour ur awesome.