Increased value falloff / curve ?

I’m increasing a float value (range 0 - 1) by x amount but want to make it falloff / curve as it increases, so it’s quicker to get to 0.5 than it is to get to 1. I’m useless at math so it’s hurting my head. Should I use a Curve BP or other, or just stick with plain simple math ?

look into blueprint function node. I mean not creating your own functions, but there is node that lets you draw graph for float

Can’t find a reference anywhere.

Because it was recently renamed to curve. You need curve float.

First create float curve asset:

Then in your blueprint create variable that references that asset:

Then read function values in blueprint:

Still can’t find what you mean …

I know its is hard to get it first time, so i made some pictures.

PS. if you doubleclick curve float asset you get to small editor.

I only got the first line of your post before my last post so I didn’t see the pictures. :frowning:

As I mentioned creating a Curve BP I was referring to the same thing but I guess is not really a BP. Is it easier this way than math ?

Yes it is much easier, you can edit and basically “paint” that curve.

Thanks for the help.