Increased RAM usage when compiling Character Blueprint (4.16.2)

So I started a small project from scratch in UE 4.16.2 and after my Character Blueprint got a bit more complicated, the editor froze while compiling the Blueprint. I never experienced something like this in previous versions.
UE normally uses 1GB of RAM but when it freezes I can watch my RAM increment until UE uses about 13GB of RAM. The Engine doesn’t crash however and after a few minutes the Blueprint compiles successfully and I can close the Engine just like I normally do. It still stays at 13GB of RAM usage until I close the Engine.
It doesn’t freeze with any other Blueprint I tried. I duplicated the Blueprint, started deleting certain parts and compiled to test if a certain operation causes the freeze. However, it now freezes seemingly random and thus I can’t figure out what exactly is causing my problem.
The same problem occurs in UE 4.16.3.

Here’s my Character Blueprint, someone might wanna take a look at it:

Here’s my DxDiag (it’s in german but I hope it’s usable, I will post it in english if asked for):

In case anyone wants to reproduce the freeze, you can download my project here (UE Version: 4.16.2):

I’m not sure if this is a bug or just my own stupidity, but I hope someone can help me with either way :slight_smile: