Increase velocity in specific direction

Hi all,

I’m trying to set up a game where my projectile is affected by the surfaces that it hits. I have created my projectile and am able to change it’s velocity when it hits the surface but the direction is off.
The best way to describe it is like the spring objects in sonic. I would like the projectile to be given a specific direction and ADDED velocity relevant to the spring board when it hits the spring.

I think the main problem I’m having is that there is only a node for setting the velocity in local space and I’m having difficulty converting the desired direction to a local direction for the projectile.
My current “solution” is to set the projectile to the rotation of the surface and then set the local velocity but this means that the velocity is TOO precise and always returns the same result irrelevant of the angle that the projectile hits it from.

Thanks in advance


My guess is that you want to add a specific amount of speed in a specific direction. To do that create a vector, the x, y, z are the velocities you want to add in those directions. Then add that to the projectiles velocity.