Increase variable by 1 in BP

Hi all,

Can someone post a quick screen snip of increasing a integer variable by 1? Taking its value, and increasing it by 1. i++. That is what I want, I just can’t seem to make it work visually.

I can set it, but it ignores the existing value.


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“Combo count” is just an int variable .
"Attack " is just a key i made .

Perfect - thank you ShadowOf047. I think my main mistake was trying to combine the setting and getting of the old and updated variable in one branch. Your two branches make sense - I still have to get used to being able to follow a branch to the left as I continue to “program”.


Look under “Math”-> then “integer” → “integer + Integer” node is the one you want. If you are using a float, replace integer with float. :slight_smile:

*Edit - Whoops, looks like you posted an answer just as I finished typing… Glad it works!

There are IncrementInt IncrementFloat now


this is a four-year-old post buddy.

But hey, people Google this stuff. It doesnt matter if its 4 yars old for the original poster or not, the Googlers will benefit from the upgrading of info. This topic for example has 6000 views, while the new topics in this category have like 6 views. When the information is something that is sought for, -simple or not-, upgrading the information is very much appreciated by the ones looking for it. And this is probably why the post was made as well.

And appreciated by me as well… I am still using the old 4 years old method, even though I got UE4 the very first week it was released. I am just lazy reading the news and upgrades…


Just googled this in 2020. Thanks!