Increase torpor without damage

I am trying to increase a dino’s torpor without causing it any other form of damage.

I can get the current torpor (Replicated Current Torpor) but can’t see how to apply a torpor change.

Anyone have any ideas.

I basically want to do the equivalent of a ‘remote use’ on a narcotic, but with a PrimalDinoCharacter pawn.

Thanks in advance

For the benefit of anyone with a similar question:

The ‘status’ values of players/dinos appears to be stored in the ‘Status Component’ this provides a ‘Modify Current Status Value’ method which can mutate torpidity, health, stamina, oxygen, food values etc. It appears to take an amount to change by which can be a value or percentage of maximum/current value or can set the value to that given. (Note it also appears to be able to optionally apply damage at the same time!)

So in BP (and for a dino case):

Pawn -> Cast to PrimalDinoCharacter -> Get Character Status Component -> Modify Current Status Value