Increase the size of Vertex Painting brush larger than 256

Since 4.16, the vertex painting interface has changed pretty dramatically. Most of the functionality works just fine, but something I can’t get over is that the brush radius cannot be increased to a size larger than 256. This is basically unusable for larger surfaces like water or cliffs.

Is there any way to further increase the radius size? It’s severely slowed down my workflow with vertex painting large surfaces.

This appears to be a big problem with the new Vertex Paint Tools. We need the ability to set the brush size beyond 256. The previous version could do it, why are we limited with this version? Seems like a bug to me.

Hello! I have the same problem… any solution??

I still haven’t discovered a solution for this, and have resorted to brute forcing, or just using an external tool, which sucks.

check out the last comment by ZakBlystone
does work in 4.18 for me.

Have the same issue in 2.19 currently brute forcing is not even a thing for me I typed it etc. Yay get to paint in large things a pixe at a time it feels like wooooo…