Increase texture tilingfor part uv of image

I have a UV map where the uv islands at the top are smaller than the UV islands at the bottom. Parts of the obejct that are not seen up close have these smaller UV islands at the top of the uv map. this saves texture space for the larger uv isands near the bottom which are viewd up close so need more uv space/texture resolution.
The problem is, I also need to overlay a tiling detailmap texture on the uv map, this will mean the small uv islands will have a lower tiling amount than the large uv islands, I would like to keep the tiling factor similar throught the object. What isthe best way to d this?
I considered muliplying a gradient over the UV map, which increases the tiling towards the top of the UV map but am not sure if this is the best way.

Just add an extra UV set with even scaling/texel density. It doesn’t take much extra work and you can keep the material very simple and straight forward.
Or you could use triplanar projection, I’m not sure what is actually more expensive to use.