Increase ShaderCompiler performance

Hello everyone,

I have had some problems with shadercompiling lately, it took a very very long time to just compile 35 shaders. I’m running an intel core i5 4670k at 4.2gHz so it should be done very fast.
When I looked in taskmanger I saw that th priority of all three shadercompileworker.exe was set to below normal… When I set them to high 35 shaders takes like 2 seconds, but I have to set the priority to high again everytime.
Can you please update shadercompileworker.exe so the priority is set to high or above normal automaticly? that would be really nice for everyone.

Chris Bogaards

My other hardware:
r9 270x
1 tb hdd
8gb ram

Hi xcept,

That sounds like an interesting suggestion, perhaps it could be done via .ini file so that users can choose their priority level.

Please post this request into the AnswerHub at, so that Epic can assign it a case number and track through their development system.

Actually posting feature request or feedback is better left here in the feedback section. This is reviewed throughout the week by the support staff.

Adam Davis usually goes through and sets posts like this aside for us to go through and submit feature requests to be considered by the engineers.

Thanks Tim, good to know!

Excuse my English.
My patch is a bat file to run while the shaders are compiled.
Edit “timeout” with the seconds you want.
CTRL+C to close

@echo off
wmic process where name="ShaderCompileWorker.exe" CALL setpriority "above normal"
timeout 30
goto start