Increase performance (beginner)

Sorry in advance if this post is in the wrong category but this is my first post and this forum is a bit confusing.

So I just started to learn UE5, by following a tutorial series, but I have a bit of experience with other render engines/programs, for example blender. The problem I have is that whenever I turn the view mode to “lit” my PC turns into an airplane and it doesnt stop! In other programs like Blender there is usually an option to limit the render iterations so it wont keep rendering forever. Is there something similar in UE5 or are there any other ways to reduce the load on the GPU (or to “reduce noise”)?
Im using a Ryzen 5 2600 and a vega 56.

UE is a real-time renderer, so it’s going to take whatever power it needs from your CPU/GPU. You can limit it in various ways. As you’ve seen using Unlit mode uses very little power, you can also use the hamburger menu to disable real-time rendering (Meaning it will only render new frames when you’re playing in editor, or moving the camera around), or even lower the screen percentage to lower the overall render resolution in the viewport.

Another set of options that can help are the engine scalability settings found under the settings menu in the upper right.

Many other optimizations can be made to bring the performance down to something you’ll accept.

On a side note, the jet engine you’re getting could easily be tweaked via Fan Curves for your CPU and GPU. If you’re unfamiliar with Fan Curves for the CPU/GPU, Google is your friend. You can allow for a slower ramp up, or maybe a lower overall RPM on the fan (So less noise) by allowing the CPU/GPU to get to a higher temp. Obviously you want to be careful with letting your CPU or GPU get too hot, but that’s a whole other topic.

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