Increase my ram

Hello everyvone, i have a problem.
I have 16Go ram in my Compurter but unreal engine 4 uses only 2.5 Go …
Can you help me please ?
Sory for my bad english, i’m french ^^

Thank you kind regards Upeaval

It depends on the project but the amount of RAM UE4 uses is about 2.5gb the same here… Nothing wrong with your config…

Hello Upeaval!

The editor will only use as much ram as it needs. It’s still a very good that you have 16GB of ram, when you start doing the builds for Lighting (using lightmass), and do the builds to ship the game, you will be very glad that you have 16GB of ram. That is two of the places that the extra ram really comes in useful.

The amount of ram that you see the editor using will fluctuate all the time. I think, that 2GB or so, is pretty standard for the editor after it’s been started up. That’s pretty much what I always see, when debugging C++ code. But there’s nothing to worry about, when UE4 Editor needs the ram, it’s not bashful at all about consuming it.


ok, i d’ont use build light, i make a minecraft Like with a Noise for the world, with 2.5Go, Ue4 bloking me for test my random generation, I can not exceed of 25 / 25 box … or I have to wait for a temp significant … with 10-12 Go of ram the process would be faster ^^

If you’re waiting a long time for your world gen, but not seeing a ram increase, that means the issue most likely isn’t with ram allocation, but with your generation algorithm.

See if you can improve your world generator so its faster, more efficient, or both. Check your CPU usage.

My cpu is at 20 % on 4 Ghz ( 500 Mb of use), and my ram has 2.5 Gb at the time of generating ( at most ) and my algorithm is the simplex/ perlin noise so there is no problem on that side

umm, i have quite a lot more ram then that and i would like to use it to speed up building lighting and such in ue4. so i would like a way to give it a minimal usage of at least 8 gig or something… just so it works faster.