Increase max float value

Hi there, i think this is BP related

I’ve read that the max float value is “18,446,744,073,709,551,615” in unreal (or something like that)

I’m making an incremental game and after months i finally got all the code working, but this float limit is a bigger problem than learning the code.

Is there a way to increase the float maximum? “Print string” allows numbers to go up and beyond but doesn’t use decimal places which makes it very hard to read.
Or is there another work around to get more than the maximum?

The Blueprint Editor only supports 32-Bit Floating point values, if you want more than that you will have to turn to C++ where you can use 64-Bit Floating point values (the limit of those are 10^308 which should be sufficient :D).

thank you :slight_smile:

can you link me to somewhere that shows how to do this? looked it up but i cant find anything

You can find information about data types in the coding standards under “Portable Aliases for Basic C++ Types”. You can use the 64 bit /8 byte floating point like any other C++ type. If you haven’t used C++ in the engine before, thats a bigger topic, you should probably start with the Programming Guide then.

Thanks for the pointers :slight_smile: never used C++ before so this is gonna be fun

Quick question before i dig into this, is it possible to mix both C++ and blueprints, and can variables be called from one to another?

Yeah that is totally possible. You can expose C++ stuff to Blueprint pretty easily, Blueprint to C++ is only possible to a degree, but that is because Blueprint builds on C++. It’s not quite equal level, Blueprint is basically a nice abstraction layer above the C++ side of things.

It looks so daunting, but I should be okay then :slight_smile: thanks for the help Pulp, i was worried it wouldn’t be possible

You might be referring to the unreal editor limitation on how big a float can be entered into UI fields. The max value you can type into an unreal editor UI float field is 9.223372036854776x10^18 (9223372036854775808.0), half of 18,446,744,073,709,551,615.
But unreal blueprints can still hold float values up to the float limit (3.4028235x10^38).

The max value of a float is 3.4028235x10^38, not 18,446,744,073,709,551,615.

I know that I’m very late and this isn’t an answer as it was already answered, but I have to ask what were you possibly doing that required numbers in the sextillions?!?