Increase global time dilation over time

Hello, I want my game to get faster as the game goes on, and I believe I’m supposed to use time dilation.

However I’m not sure how to go about this.

How can I, for example, increase the rate of the game (which is at 1) by 0.1 every 5 minutes till the game speed hits 1.8

Attaching my blueprint, will really appreciate the help.

Easy enough. Here you go.

So I think time dilation might be a bit different, I am not sure how the “slomo” console command functions on the back end but I am sure it ties into the “time dilation”. I just found this method simple and elegant when I used it. Maybe time dilation gives you more control to tweak things but for now, give this a try if you need something else let me know.

Oh thanks, will test it the moment im home. A few questions though,…

All this connects to the time dilation?

Oh ok. Just tested it, works like a charm.

Thank you so much. Is there a way to cap the game speed?

**I used “Greater than Or Equal To” as the comparison for the branch node because when I used “Equals” the engine was missing the mark I set for a cap due to some weird rounding it was doing, this was fixed by using greater than or equal to…I have had this happen before just an FYI in case you run into something similar in other areas of your code. Anyway, add the following nodes and you should be good to go. “Max Game Speed” was created by “promoting to variable” the comparison float pin. Hope this helps.

Oh ok, thank you so much. Will give it a spin.
You’ve been great help.

Anytime friend. Glad I could help out!