Increase Built-in Subtitles System Font Size via blueprints

I was reading an article online on “What Video Game Subtitles Got Wrong in 2017”

and I wanted to avoid many of the pitfalls developers run into, namely font sizes.

I know you can change the Legacy Font Size in the Editor, but I can’t seem to find the ability to change it in Bluerpint for a user who wishes to read the subtitles at a larger size regardless of their screens. Does anyone have any idea how to change Font Sizes via blueprints using the built-in UE4 subtitle system? If not, can there be a feature request to add this so that we can improve the accessibility of our games for our audience?

Thank you, but I’m afraid our project is Blueprints only, not C++. So this wouldn’t work for us.

Hi. It seems there is only one way to customize a subtitle output. And it requires c++
You can assign delegate to intercept all subtitle commands and handle it.

FSubtitleManager::GetSubtitleManager()->OnSetSubtitleText().Add*…* // Regular bounding of delegate here