Incorrect Sprite Color on Android

Why my sprites hue is getting shifted on build, hue is correct on the windows player but mobile preview on devices or in emulator shows incorrect color. sRGB is on for textures, test with off, no difference. Is this a bug or what ?

See the attachment, on left is correct hue, on right shifted hue.

Hey Tahmidk15,

  • Could you please show me screenshots of the sprites/textures?
  • What type of mobile device are you on?
  • Is this happening on any other Android? What about iOS?
  • Have you been able to reproduce this in a newly created project, or only this project?

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

You’re welcome!

Did you set up your tree differently than your house when you made the sprite? I set them both up the exact same when testing.

While Andy Emulator may have worked with 4.10, we do not support Emulators and we do not expect them to work as a mobile device would. Let me know how 4.10 goes once it’s downloaded though.

In regards to Paper2D coming out of beta, we do not have any public information that we can provide at this time. I would suggest following the forums as well as our release notes for additional information.