Incorrect Sprite Color in android (paper2d)

Please can anyone confirm, that packaging and deploying on android device causing incorrect color in sprites/paper2d. Hue is shifting on cook, can’t figure out whats is wrong with the engine. I have tried with an empty project, same result. see the attached file.

If i recall correctly 4.10 didn’t had this issue, after upgrading to 4.11 and now on 4.12 same result. Can anyone confirm that and know any info on this particular issue.

I have tried all method that i know of: sRGB, no sRGB, different texture group, compression settings, mobile HDR on/off, no luck. :frowning:

Which device are you seeing this on (model number and Android version)? Is it more than one? It would be best to open an AnswerHub ticket for this.