Incorrect Scaling? (BP for mesh along spline)


As the title states, I am trying to make a mesh appear along a spline.
I followed a tutorial and got the spline working in editor together with the mesh.
The problem is though, its scaling really weird and I dont know why since im new to Blueprints…

The mesh is made in max and exported as FBX.

Screenshot of BP:
State 1:

According to the tutorial I watched, this should work(but the video is 2 years old so I didn’t count on it)
I was expecting it to be as in that video where the entire spline is made up out of that object.

Here is the video of what I would like to achieve:
Thank you for your help,
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You might want to try this tutorial video instead: Unreal Engine 4 Guide - Spline component - road, pipe, railroad - YouTube

The scaling looks ok, you seem to have messed up the axis. Try the linked tutorial and pick the correct forward axis.

Wow ok, seems I was using a bad tutorial, wonder if it was just outdated or something…

Thx man that really helped me out, I d have to model all of the pipes and curves otherwise xD.

One more thing though, when I make a 90 degree angle the shape gets contorted pretty badly

Would you know what is up with that as well?

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Looks like tangents and/or up axis are getting messed up. Try something closer to this (see the tangent scale as well as set roll comments?) :