Incorrect reflections of point lights (forward rendering)

Hi, Epic team. I have some problems with reflections of light source in forward rendering mode (engine version 4.15.1). The fact is that reflections of point lights is correct only in certain directions. Perhaps this is somehow connected with the axes coordinate. This is especially noticeable when roughness of materials is equal to zero. At the same time, in certain sides, the reflections are not visible, while from the opposite sides they exist. It is looks like bug. But maybe I just do not know any settings. I will be very glad to hear any information about this.


Yes, I think it’s definitely some kind of bug. Unfortunately forward rendering is unfinished for now. This creates a lot of problems, but I have seen twitch stream about Robo Recall optimisation. There looks great. Perhaps the developers have a different version of the engine ?

Definitely, it is. For me, this greatly mess to customization of materials. Because on the one side the object shines more strongly than the other with the same conditions. I also created a similar thread on the answers hub, but there are no answers from the developers either. It’s strange that it only bothers me.

I’ve seen multiple people complaining about it, too. This really should be looked into for 4.15.2.

For those who are interested in the thread: Incorrect reflections of point lights (forward rendering) - UE4 AnswerHub
Apparently the developers are aware of the problem, but for some reason they are not in a hurry to solve it.

This is meant that bug fix will done in 4.17 version. If I understood right. So long, so long.

It would be great if developers fixed this bug in 4.17, but I not sure. For some reason, this problem worries very little in community. Although in fact incorrect reflections does not give full use forward rendering in UE4. Fortunately, we can directly affect the process by voting: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-44540)

This should be fixed in 4.16. It was a bug with DBuffer decals being enabled for the project, when no decals were actually present in the scene. You can verify it’s the same bug by placing a single DBuffer decal, or disabling the DBuffer decals project setting.

That’s cool, thanks. I really glad to see fix bug of reflection in 4.16. My little test shows, that reflection of point lights now is identical in deferred and forward modes.


I had been trying to fix this bug for THREE YEARS!!! I asked everywhere I could. Now I find out it’s been fixed? FINALLY? THANK YOU! So in 4.16+?

Glad you found the fix but next time look at the date of the last post before bumping a thread. :stuck_out_tongue: