Incorrect keyboard focus in left panel of content browser

The directory panel of the content browser does not receive keyboard input correctly. The issues we’ve noticed specifically are Delete and Rename.

In fact you’re unable to rename from the left panel at all.

/ Kyle

Hello, kylawl.

I’m looking into the problem you’re talking about, and I’m a little confused. Could you explain in more detail what you’re trying to do, and what it’s doing incorrectly? It might also help if you tell me what version of the engine you’re running.



Hi Jon,

This image should help articulate the problem better.

It’s important to note that both of these actions work fine if you operate on the folder from the right hand panel. It is only in folder tree that the focus seems to be on the scene view.

Okay, so I tried to reproduce this on my end, and you’re definitely right about the rename part. The delete part, however, seems to work correctly on my end. That is, selecting ‘delete’ here deletes the folder I’ve selected. It’s really strange that you’re getting a different result like that.

Can you check the version of UE4 you’re using for me? Click ‘Help’ at the top, then ‘About Unreal Editor’, then tell me the number that appears after ‘Version’ near the middle of the screen.


I’m sorry I totally forgot to mention version.

This is the latest 4.3-preview tag from github.

Okay, I’m looking at the 4.3 preview, and the delete option still works normally for me. Pretty strange. Has this always happened, or did it just start recently?

Clicking delete from the menu does work. Pressing the delete key on the keyboard does not. The keyboard focus appears to be in the scene, not the folder panel.

Okay, I understand your concerns now. Sorry about the confusion.

The fact that you can’t rename a folder from the directory panel but can rename from the search results seems unusual, but the greyed-out Rename button makes me think someone’s working on it. I’ll pass this along.

I also agree that deleting/renaming the object selected in the viewport when the viewpoint isn’t in focus seems unintended, and I’ll pass this along to see if we can get it fixed.

Thanks for letting us know about this!