Incorrect import of the FBX files


UE has annoying bug with FBX import.
My import settings:

Imported mesh:

When I re-export this FBX file with 3DS Max 2016, this mesh looks correctly in UE.
It’s means, that 3DS Max import this mesh correctly:

And this mesh, imported in 3DS Max and then exported from 3DS Max - looks good in UE. Looks like 3DS Max fix something in this file.

If 3DS Max could import this mesh, why UE can’t import it normally without re-exporting FBX mesh throught 3DS Max?

I think, that’s bug and must be fixed.

FBX file: [link to file][4]

Thank you!

Hi Arthur -

Thank you for your report. The issue with importing from DAZ Studio is a known issue and is currently being worked on by our engineers as UE-12017. I have added your additional information to the issue.

Eric Ketchum

Any news on this question? I still need it. Very need it.

No new news to provide at this time, it is still assigned to an engineer for investigation, but no new movement on it has occurred.